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Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Sat Sep 1 15:19:52 UTC 2007

D. Michael McIntyre wrote:
> On Saturday 01 September 2007, Farid Ansari wrote:
>> The sound has stopped working on my Kubuntu 7.04. It does not recognise the
>> Creative sound card on PCI slot although on another hard disk this works
>> fine with Ubuntu 7.04.
>> Please someone advise how to get this sound card working instead of the
>> built-in sound on the Intel motherboard.
> I would expect it to recognize and make use of both.  Are you sure it isn't 
> doing that?
> I've never found any rhyme or reason to which card ends up hw:0 and which 
> hw:1, so the only way I know to guarantee that something will be hw:0 is to 
> make it the only card on the system.  In your case, you can probably 
> accomplish that by going into your BIOS configuration, and disabling the 
> built-in Intel sound chip.  That will leave just the one for the auto 
> configuration scripts to find and load a driver for, and it will end up as 
> hw:0, where everything expects to find it.
I am not terrible experienced, so just take this as a possibility and 
something to look into.  Having had similar problems in the past, I 
found the solution in turning off or removing the offending extra 
hardware.  In the case of built-in sound, you should be able to disable 
the onboard sound.  When you do that, your add-on card should take 
over.  If not, it is probably an installation or driver problem.  If you 
can't find an approved alternate driver, try different drivers for other 
of your soundcard type.  Somehow when the problem has occurred, I have 
been able to solve the problem using this technique.  Like I said, I am 
not very knowledgeable, but I had sound problems, and now my sound works 
even better than when it was supporting the XP OS.

Hope it helps.
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