Sound problem

D. Michael McIntyre michael.mcintyre at
Sat Sep 1 14:53:06 UTC 2007

On Saturday 01 September 2007, Farid Ansari wrote:

> The sound has stopped working on my Kubuntu 7.04. It does not recognise the
> Creative sound card on PCI slot although on another hard disk this works
> fine with Ubuntu 7.04.
> Please someone advise how to get this sound card working instead of the
> built-in sound on the Intel motherboard.

I would expect it to recognize and make use of both.  Are you sure it isn't 
doing that?

I've never found any rhyme or reason to which card ends up hw:0 and which 
hw:1, so the only way I know to guarantee that something will be hw:0 is to 
make it the only card on the system.  In your case, you can probably 
accomplish that by going into your BIOS configuration, and disabling the 
built-in Intel sound chip.  That will leave just the one for the auto 
configuration scripts to find and load a driver for, and it will end up as 
hw:0, where everything expects to find it.
D. Michael McIntyre 

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