disk-on-key ownership

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Wed Oct 31 18:25:04 UTC 2007

Nigel Ridley wrote:

> I just bought a Sandisk Cruzer Micro USB Flash Drive (1GB) and using
> Knoppix and Qtparted, formatted it into 3 partitions - 630mb ext2, 250mb
> linux-swap (for using with my [old] 64mb laptop [sans hard disk] with
> Puppy Linux) and the rest as fat16.
> When I stick the USB drive in my Kubuntu box it auto mounts both the
> ext2 and fat16 partitions. The fat16 gets 'User: nigel Group: root'. The
> ext2 gets 'User: root Group: root'. I cannot write to the ext2 partition.
> I have tried changing the ownership by issuing:
> sudo chown nigel /dev/sdb1
> but it remains the same - root root
> How do I make it writable by yours truly?

I'm afraid I don't know, but I really have doubts that swap can work (in the
long term) on a flash drive.  For the most part, the system tries to buffer
flash drives in memory, because they have limited write lifes.  If you use
if for swap, it can't do that, but if you actually hit the memory limits of
your machine and it starts thrashing, you could use up the life of that
drive pretty quickly.

It would be much more advantageous to use a genuine USB drive.

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