Virtual Machine Vs Separate Partition

Derek Broughton news at
Sun Oct 28 16:45:31 UTC 2007

Scott wrote:

> Phil Pinkerton wrote:
>> Why not do both and do some benchmarks ?
> That may be a good idea for the win xp that I have because I already
> have it installed on a separate partition.  What is a good way to
> benchmark in both the Virtual Machine and in the win xp?  Also, is there
> any good documentation on doing win XP in a VM in Kubuntu?
> My win xp is a OEM install and Dell put the disc in a separate
> partition.  Is it possible to use that separate partition to install in
> a virtual machine?
Generally speaking, OEM installs (and particularly Dell) are not usable in a
VM, at least for the long term.  iirc, you can get 30 days with XP before
it refuses to boot.  I think Vista won't let you use it at all.  Microsoft
insists that their OEM OSes are not licensed for use within a VM.

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