Problems with Installation fixed

Derek Broughton news at
Fri Oct 26 14:31:56 UTC 2007

Phil Pinkerton wrote:

> I would like someday to return to Ubuntu I think it is wonderful, but not
> quite ready for todays less expensive laptops.

It's quite ready for the _less_ expensive laptops.  I just bought an HP
DV6000 for under $600.  Not having a need for high-end graphics, I was only
looking for Intel i9xx video, and _everything_ works.

Wireless worked, first try, with ndiswrapper.
Sound worked out of the box.
The webcam (Microdia) only worked with luvcview under Feisty, but Gutsy
supports it in Kopete, at least - I haven't had any success with mplayer
and ekiga yet.

So, note that this only fully worked under a 1-week-old version of Linux. 
That's pretty much par for the course in the Linux world.  Since we have to
wait for the devices to be commercially available before Linux developers
can write the drivers for them, we're never going to be able to run on all
the cutting edge hardware, and when you can't get something working in one
distro, the odds are good that it _will_ work with another - but just as
good that something else won't.

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