Mail Server (progress)

Derek Broughton news at
Thu Oct 25 13:53:34 UTC 2007

Bruce Marshall wrote:

> On Wednesday 24 October 2007, David McGlone wrote:
>> fetchmail: querying (protocol POP3) at wed 24
>> Oct.......
>> : poll completed.
>> fetchmail: Query status=10(smtp)
>> fetchmail: normal termination, status 10.
>> A big question I have, what does fetching mail got to do with smtp? I'm
>> trying to fetch my mail not send it.
> feetchmail has to hand off the mail it fetches to someone.....    I use
> procmail...  but I think it will hand off to your mailer (postfix or
> sendmail) if you don't specify how to process your mail.

Precisely.  By default, it just delivers the mail to localhost:25, which
works great for me.

You can either go the MDA (procmail/maildrop) route, or just use your smtp
server.  If you really don't need an smtp server for outbound mail, then
the MDA is simpler.  Because I _must_ have a local outbound smtp server
(mail needs to be routed different ways, depending where I am), I see no
need for an additional MDA.

So if you're using an smtp server, and you think you have it correctly
configured, start with:
# telnet localhost 25
If that doesn't give you a "2xx ... SMTP" message, you don't have smtp
working yet...

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