Wireless Logitech keyboard & mouse broke after Feisty updates

Anton Rolls anton at wilddsl.net.au
Wed Oct 24 16:17:57 BST 2007

Actually, the wireless keyboard started working again
after some fiddling, probably pressing the connect buttons
on the receiver and keyboard.
The wireless mouse, it seems, just coincidentally
stopped working because of low battery charge
(0.88V instead of 1.5V).

So, probably a false alarm.


Anton Rolls wrote:
> Hi,
> I was a bit over-confident in applying a whole bunch of updates
> to Feisty on a friend's AMD64 machine.
> The updates all downloaded and completed successfully, but then I 
> noticed the mouse wasn't working... then shortly after, the keyboard
> too!
> (Kicking myself, I didn't back up the system partition first.)
> It's a Logitech wireless keyboard & mouse combo.
> And the system is an AMD64 dual core cpu.
> For now, I've plugged in an old crappy keyboard and a HP USB mouse,
> and these are working, but the wireless keybd & mouse are my
> friend's preference.
> Any tips to diagnose or directions to bug report ?
> Regards,
> Anton.

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