Gutsy: closing laptop lid makes screen blink

Luís A. C. Silva lacsilva at
Wed Oct 24 10:58:29 BST 2007

2007/10/23, Galvanick Lucipher <gerhardusm2002 at>:
> On Tuesday 23 October 2007 14:16:31 Paul S wrote:
> > See if you can find any messages at the time after the lid button is
> > closed in /var/log/<files>. For example, when you activate the lid
> > button in /var/log/messages, you'll get a message like:
> >
> > Oct 21 09:57:39 localhost kernel: [ 900.144000] input: Lid Switch as
> > /class/input/input7
> >
> > Now, start reading the lines after that for odd messages or errors. If
> > any appear, you can put the exact message in a google search and a
> > launchpad bug search to see if the problem has been solved by someone.
>         As I said, I went back to Feisty, but I'll try this method with the Live CD
> as soon as I have the time.
>         Thank you, Paul!
>         - Urtzi -
Hi everyone,

I have been having a similar problem since feisty. I have an acer
aspire 1690, 2GHz, 512MB ram and my lid switch behaves like a regular
button flooding my acpid. The solution I found was to remove the
relevant events from the /etc/acpi/events.d folder and let guidance
take care of the lid. Of course this means no suspend unless logged

I submitted a bug to launchpad but no one seems to know how to solve
this better.


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