Can't Install 7.10 (Gutsy)

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Mon Oct 22 08:30:06 UTC 2007

>Alright, so I am a fairly proficient Linux user, but I get this
>I have tried these CD's:
>Kubuntu Live CD 7.10
>Kubuntu Alternative CD 7.10
>Ubuntu Live CD 7.10
>and they all seem to freeze during boot. I have 7.04 installed, and I 
>tried to upgrade, but it still froze on boot after a restart. I think 
>that there is a bug in the kernel. It actually freezes in two places. I
>removed quiet and splash from the options and it said something about 
>DMA so I added "dma=off' to the boot options. Then it seems to get
>at an NTFS one. It says something like "Checking /dev/hda1" and it
>says anything more. (One time, I was able to boot, but thats it). Also,
>I upgraded from the Alternative CD because Adapt doesn't want to do a 
>distro upgrade or what not.

I had a similar issue when trying to install on a disk that had a (non-system) NTFS partition on it - it appeared to be doing some sort of a disk check on the NTFS partition (I think top showed a process called ntfsresize or something). I seem to remember that this was while starting the partitioner though, not at boot time. however the solution I found may still be useful. As it was a large disk, I decided not to wait for this to complete, and instead from a command line typed:

dd if=/dev/null of=/dev/sda

where /dev/sda was the disk.

and let this run for a few seconds, thus deliberately trashing the NTFS partition (and everything else on the disk!). The effect was that it didn't detect it as an NTFS partition, didn't attempt to run the disk check and I was able to start afresh, as if it were a blank disk. I still think this is a design flaw in how the installer deals with NTFS partitions though.

Of course this won't be much good if you have any data on the NTFS partition that you don't want to lose, but then you wouldn't do this anyway without backing up your data, would you?!


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