kubuntu - network share drive configure

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Thu Oct 18 23:48:19 UTC 2007

Kevin O'Brien wrote:

> On Wed, 2007-10-17 at 20:32 -0700, Prasad wrote:
>> hi Kevin.
>> yes , I have installed sambafs in kubuntu.  but seems I am doing
>> somewhere wrong in the syntax.
>> Can you please give me the syntax .
>> thanks
>> -Prasad
> Well, I tend to use Krusader for my file browsing, but it should work
> the same in Konqueror. I just use the name I have given my XP
> installation (e.g. "foobar"), and in the address bar I just type
> "smb://foobar". Oh, and you need to have shared some drive or directory
> on the Windows side or you won't see much.

The one thing that might matter and make a significant difference is that,
at least at one time, Samba was incapable of using a blank password.  You
may need to provide a password for the Windows user, then specify that
in "System Settings", "Sharing", "Local Network Browsing".  I mentioned
this in a thread a month or two back, and nobody contradicted me, so I
expect it's still true :-)

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