problems with adept after upgrading

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> Hi,
> I had this problem yesterday and managed to fix it
> somehow.... let's see if I 
> can remember how ;-)
> The problem came from the fact that a package had
> begun to be installed, but 
> then it "owned" a file which was already on the
> system as part of another 
> package. In my case it was some kde4 stuff, which
> I'd been playing around 
> with.
> If your problem is actually the same as mine, then
> the following might help.
> If you run:
> sudo apt-get update
> from the command line, it will try to install
> something and then give some 
> errors and bail out. If it gives you the error
> message about two packages 
> both owning the same file (sorry I can't remember
> the exact message, and 
> obviously can't reproduce it any more), then it
> gives you the option to try 
> to fix it with:
> sudo apt-get -f install
> This did some stuff for me, but then it bailed
> again. In the end, I 
> uninstalled the offending packages (they weren't
> critical, luckily, though 
> there were quite a few of them), did the upgrade and
> then reinstalled them.
> It seems that the error that adept gives you isn't
> quite accurate - there 
> isn't necessarily another apt process hanging
> around, it's just that the 
> previous one didn't finish cleanly.
> Good luck!
> HTH.
> Pete.

Thank you for the quick responce, seems that the cause
is similar at least in that adept didn't finish
cleanly. It seems that my problem fixed after running

sudo apt-get update
sudo dpkg --configure -a

though running those left me with both the gutsy and
the fiesty repositories installed (fiesty repositories
were listed under third-party sources)

thanks again for your help


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