Uninstall Firefox

darryl.tidd darryl.tidd at daaokc.com
Wed Oct 17 04:34:29 BST 2007

Terence Simpson writes: 

> Darryl Tidd wrote:
>> How can I uninstall firefox without uninstalling everything else adept
>> tells me I need to uninstall.  (i.e. eclipse-platform epiphany-browser
>> firefox firefox-gnome-support gnome gnome-core
>> gnome-desktop-environment gnome-office gnome-user-guide
>> mozilla-firefox-locale-en-gb ubuntu-desktop ubuntu-docs yelp)
> The simple answer is you can't, all those packages depend on firefox so
> if you remove firefox those packages need to be removed too. 
> Terence
The plot thickens. After sending that email, I alt+tab over to konsole to 
tell kubuntu no, i don't want to uninstall all that stuff now.  A thought I 
hit n, for no, but appearantly I hit y+enter or just enter(Y being the 
default), so every thing uninstalled.  I then deledted all the mozilla 
folders, and then typed sudo apt-get install firefox, and only firefox 
installed.  If I try to reinstall gnome* ubuntu-desktop or others, then 
abunch of other stuff installs, particularly openoffice.org packages.  I 
don't want this because I removed the openoffice packages that came with 
kubuntu since the base program didn't work properly.  I downloaded OO from 
the openoffice.org site to get the program working properly.  That being 
said, I still have gdm installed and the gnome applications that I use so 
the things that were uninstalled with firefox aren't missed.  I just wish I 
would have figured it out before posting.  Oh well, things are working so I 
will keep on working.
Thanks all

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