Derek Broughton news at
Tue Oct 16 17:40:37 UTC 2007

Benjamin Fritzsche wrote:

> On Monday 15 October 2007 17:41:36 ndemalia armstrong wrote:
>> Hello! Kubuntu community, I'm a really new to linux os..I've been
>> educating myself on this OS and i've been able to install it on my
>> computer... but I find hard to install the fire fox browser to work well
>> on my system so, i could view videos and the likes... i also read abt the
>> wine or crossover to run some of the applications i use in
>> windows..please i'll appreciate help with this issues.. thanks in
> Wine can be quite troublesome, epecially for beginners. If you have a
> windows Licence anyway, I'd suggest you try VirtualBox for those annoying
> must-use-windows apps.

VirtualBox can be quite troublesome, even for experts...  I tried virtualBox
and it just kept aborting.  VMWare works fine, but is not always faster
than Wine.

Wine, for probably 90% of non-copy-protected software, is a breeze, and so
simple to use now that it's hardly worth trying to install a genuine
Windows until you already know Wine doesn't work.

Here's Derek's 10 second Wine tutorial:

- open konsole:
# env WINEPREFIX="~/APP" wineprefixcreate
# env WINEPREFIX="~/APP" wine "D:\SETUP.EXE"
(or whatever the install program is called)
# env WINEPREFIX="~/APP" wine "path-to-executable"

This creates a separate wine 'bottle' for each application, keeping each in
its own sandbox, installs the program into that bottle, and then runs it.

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