[SOLVED] Clarification: Network Reconfiguration Question

Earl Violet ejviolet at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 15 00:11:59 UTC 2007

This is experience.  I was told long ago, "Experience is the ability
to quickly recognize your mistake the 5th or 6th time you make it."


--- 7230 <yogich7230 at sc2000.net> wrote:

> Someone asked "how" when I said I solved the problem.  Well, it was
> a 
> misnaming of an interface in one of my scripts.  I thought I had
> eradicated 
> any vestages of the old card's config but I hadn't.  So... from
> there, I had 
> to trace down all instances of that interface being named.  In
> short, I 
> missed one because I had a major brain f___ and didn't know what to
> look for: 
> eth2. :-\ lol
> So... like I said... I got it fixed, thanks to all the suggestions
> --at least 
> one of which jogged my memory as to what I was actually looking
> for.  How 
> embarrassing.
> -- 
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