Only getting low resolution with new monitor in feisty

D. R. Evans doc.evans at
Fri Oct 12 15:58:19 BST 2007

Michael Bach (gmx) said the following at 10/12/2007 05:10 AM :

>>> I can't remember enough details to give a solution, but I do recall that the 
>>> magic happened when I twiddled something in this section 
>>> in /etc/X11/xorg.conf:
>>> Section "Monitor"
>>>         Identifier      "Generic Monitor"
>>>         Option          "DPMS"
>>>         HorizSync       28-64
>>>         VertRefresh     43-60
>>> EndSection

>> yesterday. The following command reconfigures X:
>> sudo pdkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg
> Is of course meant to be:
> sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-org
>> the -phigh causes to skip possible questions from the package
>> configuration. If you want to provide more information to the
>> configuration tool, use -plow instead of -phigh. -p means: priority of
>> questions to ask.

Thank you very much to both Michaels. I will try one or both of these on my
wife's computer tonight.

I forget what the LCD will currently run at: it's more than 640x480, but
not a whole lot more. 768 x something, I think. The machine, BTW, is an
off-the-shelf high-end-ish Compaq bought about two years ago. I can't
remember the combination of letters and numbers that are its model number,
and it probably isn't important anyway; I just wanted to say that it's not
a Dell.

This looks like an area where Canonical or someone need to do some work to
make things more pleasant for users. The feisty experience sure didn't
stack up well compared to Windows :-( I mean, the ATI video is clearly
capable of more than whatever it's providing now, so it's pretty silly to
keep receiving an error message saying that whatever I try "doesn't appear
to work".

Thanks again.

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