Can't remove gnome install.

Бахмутский Илья Bahiliah at
Thu Oct 11 12:52:04 UTC 2007

May be:
aptitude install -sfy (
then aptitude purge -s ubuntu-desktop fnd if  all fine
aptitude purge  ubuntu-desktop. Also you keep or hold specific pakages. 
11.10.07, 14:14, Donatas G. (dgvirtual at

> On Thu, Oct 11, 2007 at 10:15:50AM +0100, Wulfy wrote:
> > Donatas G. wrote:
> > > However, I got an idea on particularly the problem of the original poster:
> > >
> > > If anyone who has the same os version and DOES NOT HAVE  ubuntu-desktop and no other gtk/gnome programme installed, posted to the forum the output of 
> > > command 
> > > apt-get install ubuntu-dekstop
> > > the original poster would have an idea what he should put on the string
> > >
> > > apt-get remove ubuntu-desktop ....
> > >
> > > to get rid of all of gnome. The one who is trying to help does not need to install ubuntu-desktop to help the poster, since apt-get will ask him, 
> > > whether to continue with the install operation. 
> > >
> > > Anyone willing to help?
> > >
> > > I guess, the same could be achieved by trying to execute this command from the kubuntu desktop live cd...
> > >
> > > Donatas 
> > No need to install it:
> > 
> > wulfy at localhost:~$ apt-cache show ubuntu-desktop
> > Package: ubuntu-desktop
> > Priority: optional
> > Section: metapackages
> > Installed-Size: 44
> > Maintainer: Matt Zimmerman <mdz at>
> > Architecture: i386
> > Source: ubuntu-meta
> > Version: 1.43
> > Depends: acpi, acpi-support, acpid, alacarte, anacron, apmd, 
> > avahi-autoipd, avahi-daemon, bc, cdparanoia, cupsys, cupsys-bsd, 
> > cupsys-client, cupsys-driver-gutenprint, dc, dcraw, desktop-effects, 
> > .....
> If you get dependency list this way, you see ALL dependencies, while you only need dependencies, that are specific to ubuntu-desktop and not the core 
> system and kubuntu-desktop. You can see that the too many of the packages listed are not specific to ubuntu-desktop (like: acpi*, avahi-*, 
> cupsys* ...)
> > These are all the packages that ubuntu-desktop depends upon.  Some may 
> > be depended upon by other packages, but if so, trying to remove them 
> > will, of course, fail.
> Not so sure; I guess in some cases it could try to remove both these packages and the packages that these packages depend upon. You might end up 
> without any desktop manager if you try to remove all of these packages. Moreover, there is no easy way to find out, which packages are the ones that only ubuntu-desktop and not some other needed meta package depends upon.
> Carefull!!!
> Now, if you could make up a script that takes the list produced by 
> apt-cache show ubuntu-desktop
> and substract from it the packages also in the list produced by
> apt-cache show kubuntu-desktop
> to get a list that is more ubuntu-desktop specific, you might be up to something! Still, I am afraid that it would not be enough (since there could 
> be other metapackages that need to be substracted that I am not aware off), but if somebody knows enough bash, awk, diff, sed and other CLI tools 
> and would like to give it a try - great, I think he could do a lot of service to the kubuntu/ubuntu community this way.
> Donatas Glodenis

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