Impressions of Gutsy (Was: First impressions of dolphin)

Derek Broughton news at
Tue Oct 9 17:05:54 UTC 2007

Steve Lamb wrote:

>     Nope, the process is no longer running. 

Please include a _little_ context when you respond so that anyone who's
following the discussion can keep up :-)

Sure, you've killed hald-addon-storage, but all the memory that was being
reported did not belong to that process.  Some of it would have been shared
with other parts of hald, so you've killed one thread and freed some
storage, but not as much as you thought.

>     Also just did a flat out kill on the cpufreq process as well, no
>     ill effects.  

I wouldn't expect there to be, but cpufreq would get restarted next boot,
unless you either found the switch (in either acpi or the hal .fdi files)
or blacklisted the cpufreq driver module.

>     However unable to find where to 
> properly get rid of that and the lack of documentation in /usr/share/doc/
> prompted me to drop KUbuntu on the laptop and reinstall Debian. 

And it was better on Debian?  I'd be really surprised to find documentation
in Debian that didn't exist in Ubuntu.

> All of this
> is pretty neat on my gaming desktop but I was spending far too much time
> trying to rip all this junk out for the old machine to be valuable.

You're tearing your hair out to very little effect - I'm convinced that
except for the cpufreq problem, your system wouldn't be noticeably changed
by the other issues.

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