Impressions of Gutsy (Was: First impressions of dolphin)

Steve Lamb grey at
Tue Oct 9 05:20:13 UTC 2007

Derek Broughton wrote:
> That's not the default power manager.  kde-guidance-powermanager (or
> something like that) has no cpufreq controls.

    Not sure what it was.  This time it didn't show up.  But it did have
frequency controls and it did have standard the KDE configuration screen.=

>>     Exactly.  Not being able to find a quick way to configure it to no=
t do
>> something is the distressing part.  For example I don't want it wastin=
>> 800kb watching my CD-ROM drive. =20
> afaik, hal doesn't watch _anything_.  udev watches devices change, and =
> doesn't take udev 800k to do that for your cd-rom, and acts when they d=
> Hal keeps a record of the device database, and dbus passes the informat=
> I'm pretty confident nothing is spending 800k watching your cd, but in =
> case you can't rip out any one part of that.  You _can_ turn off the me=
> notification daemons in KDE - but I rather doubt you can eliminate the
> overhead of watching the CD without turning off all USB hotplugging.

    Er, ps auwx says otherwise:

107       4746  0.0  0.4   3260  1188 ?        S    19:03   0:00
hald-addon-storage: polling /dev/scd0 (every 2 sec)

    hald-addon-storage, 1188Kb, polling /dev/scd0.  That leads me to beli=
it has something to do with hal, that it is 400k over what I thought it w=
and it is watching the cd drive.  ;)

    If all hal is doing is watching USB hotplugging I can rip that out.  =
USB port I use on this is for my mouse and that has worked for quite a lo=
time prior to hal slipping onto my system.

root      4448  0.0  0.3   3156   980 ?        S    19:03   0:00

    Another piece I'd like to remove.  980k to twiddle with my CPUFreq wh=
is not wanted.  In fact...

107       4449  0.0  0.3   2156   876 ?        S    19:03   0:00
hald-addon-acpi: listening on acpid socket /var/run/acpid.socket

    ...this doesn't need to be there since I'm not using any power, anoth=
876Kb just wasted.

107       4451  0.0  0.3   2156   888 ?        S    19:03   0:00
hald-addon-keyboard: listening on /dev/input/event6
107       4452  0.0  0.3   2156   888 ?        S    19:03   0:00
hald-addon-keyboard: listening on /dev/input/event7
107       4453  0.0  0.3   2160   888 ?        S    19:03   0:00
hald-addon-keyboard: listening on /dev/input/event8

    ...and 3 things polling for a keyboard which is hooked in via PS/2.  =
sure all of these are great on modern hardware with memory to spare but o=
n a
ol' PIII-750 w/256Mb laptop that sits in a dock all day that's about 6Mb =
wasted memory.  Ouch.

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