First impressions of dolphin

Derek Broughton news at
Mon Oct 8 20:02:13 UTC 2007

Steve Lamb wrote:

> Juan Carlos Torres wrote:
>> Ok, deep breathes. Konqueror's powerful file manager is still at your
>> finger tips. Nothing was removed. D3lphin is just installed and
>> configured to be the defualt file manager. You can easily switch from
>> D3lphin to Konqueror.
>     Well, I could not find how to switch it.  I checked "Default
> Applications" and there was no file management option.  Admittedly I
> have not looked beyond that because the other problems have taken my
> time.
It's the Konqueror "File Associations" (why that _isn't_ with "Default
Applications" in the System settings is something else I've always
wondered).  You need the inode/directory and inode/system_directory mime

>     Bluetooth support would not shut down even though I turned it
>     off in the runlevels tool.  I have to rip it out.

Not having ever had a bluetooth device, I've always wondered why I have to
have the bluetooth stuff running, but it's _always_ been too difficult to
turn it off to be worthwhile.

>     For some reason Thunderbird sits at 20% CPU while doing nothing.  But
> not all the time so I'm not sure what's going on there.
>     KMail is harfing on itself but that might not be a 7.10 issue as I
>     poked at it at 7.04 and it was doing the same thing.

I'd have to wonder why you'd need both KMail _and_ Thunderbird :-)

>     I've tried to kill the darn CPU Frequency switching.  Although I am on
>     a
> laptop it is docked and on constant power.  Every CPUFreq change is
> accompanied with a 2-3 second pause.  Every attempt to prevent it from
> starting has thus far failed.  I have a feeling I'm going to have to
> track down whatever is doing that and forcibly rip it out as well.

While that sounds more like a bad implementation of ACPI on your laptop than
a Kubuntu error, it should be easy enough to turn off.  Unfortunately I
can't tell you where (I don't have the ability on my old laptop) :-)  

>     I have a sneaking suspicion that there are portions of hal which are
> causing issues as well.  I tried looking for any place to configure what
> parts of hal start up.  So far, no pointers at all.  I know I don't want
> to rip it out so this is distressing.

You can't.  Without hal you'll be dead in the water.  
>     BTW by "rip out" I mean "sudo aptitude purge".  I think the main
>     problem
> I have is that not everything is configurable through KDE's system
> settings and poking at /etc/ is an exercise in frustration because of
> the decided lack of comments.

Yes - back to my comment about File Associations not being in system
settings :-(

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