First impressions of dolphin

Derek Broughton news at
Mon Oct 8 19:50:02 UTC 2007

Juan Carlos Torres wrote:

> On Tuesday 09 October 2007 1:28:17 am Steve Lamb wrote:
>>     No, he is not.  He said that "a lot of upgraders suddenly found much
>> reduced functionality!"  That is an accurate statement.  I was on 7.04
>> before and had Konqueror's powerful file manager at my fingertips.  I
>> upgraded to 7.10 and now I no longer have Konqueror's powerful file
>> manager at my fingertips.  The fact that it wasn't Konqueror that
>> changed and that it is a new, dumbed-down, file manager does not change
>> the fact that I, as an upgrader, suddenly found myself with much reduced
>> functionality!  So much so that I am pissed about it.
> Ok, deep breathes. Konqueror's powerful file manager is still at your
> finger tips. Nothing was removed. D3lphin is just installed and configured
> to be the defualt file manager. You can easily switch from D3lphin to
> Konqueror.

Yes, but this is the same (imo) error that happened when Konqueror was
introduced with the "simplified" file browser interface.  That's fine when
you're making a new installation, but you should _never_ be "dumbing down"
the interface for people who've already become used to the more complex
interface.  It just angers people like Steve.

> Yeah there are some rough edges here and there. But none of them have to
> do with Dolphin at all. I'm guessing in this case, the culprit is Strigi.

Probably.  Strigi sounds like a nightmare, but changing the way long-time
users use something as basic as a file manager at the same time just adds
to frustration levels.

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