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Mon Oct 8 06:14:06 UTC 2007

> The fact that many people have such a bad mastery of their native language
> it english or another tongue) is quite frightening, but it is generally
> the main impediment for the understanding of the message. A list should
> more energy correcting other points, i.e. meaningful subject (title),
> description of the problem and so on...
> Perry

IF you believe that everyone should know old English and it is  a crime to
make and use a new English then can you read and write like this? Or maybe I
should have used Shakespeare?

*Line* *Original* *Translation*
oretmecgas æfter æþelum frægn: ...asked the warriors of their lineage:
"Hwanon ferigeað ge fætte scyldas, "Whence do you carry ornate shields,
græge syrcan ond grimhelmas, Grey mail-shirts and masked helms,  335
heap? Ic eom Hroðgares A multitude of spears? I am
ar ond ombiht. Ne seah ic elþeodige herald and officer. I have never seen,
of foreigners,
þus manige men modiglicran, So many men, of braver bearing,

Beowulf in Old English from Wikipeada

Languages change and evolve and mix. This is the nature of life. Nothing is
static. All computer people should know this. LOL
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