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Sun Oct 7 22:14:51 UTC 2007

Steve Lamb wrote:
>     Accccck, Wulfy's here too!

Da Wulf is *everywhere*!  >:@)

> Wulfy wrote:
>> When I reboot, a fsck is done every thirty mountings of partitions.  I 
>> only reboot when I have a kernel upgrade, or the machine crashes too 
>> badly for me to sort out without a reboot.  So the fsck-ing only happens 
>> rarely.  How frequently *should* the partitions be fsck-ed?  Is there a 
>> way to do it *without* having to reboot?
>     Well, strictly speaking if you can bring the machine back down to single
> user mode, yeah, you can do it without a reboot.  However the easiest way to
> do that, presuming you have console access, is to reboot.  You can also
> remount most of the partitions as read-only and fsck them then.  However that
> involves bringing the machine almost all the way down.  Again, presuming
> console access the easiest way to do that is to reboot.
>     Mind you I'm not too familiar with any of the procedures so this is just
> my rough, off-the-cuff, familiar-in-theory-only explanation and I'm probably
> off-base at least once in there.  :)

That's what I thought.  I know that fsck-ing a live partition is death 
to the file system and I couldn't see any way to remount everything read 

So.  I need to reboot to fsck...  how often?



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