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Sun Oct 7 21:26:28 UTC 2007

    Accccck, Wulfy's here too!

Wulfy wrote:
> When I reboot, a fsck is done every thirty mountings of partitions.  I 
> only reboot when I have a kernel upgrade, or the machine crashes too 
> badly for me to sort out without a reboot.  So the fsck-ing only happens 
> rarely.  How frequently *should* the partitions be fsck-ed?  Is there a 
> way to do it *without* having to reboot?

    Well, strictly speaking if you can bring the machine back down to single
user mode, yeah, you can do it without a reboot.  However the easiest way to
do that, presuming you have console access, is to reboot.  You can also
remount most of the partitions as read-only and fsck them then.  However that
involves bringing the machine almost all the way down.  Again, presuming
console access the easiest way to do that is to reboot.

    Mind you I'm not too familiar with any of the procedures so this is just
my rough, off-the-cuff, familiar-in-theory-only explanation and I'm probably
off-base at least once in there.  :)

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