Storm tracking on Linux and verses MS

Billie Walsh bilwalsh at
Sat Oct 6 23:29:06 UTC 2007

On 10/06/2007 Knapp wrote:
> Last time I installed windows it was a major pain in the butt! I had
> to install many upgrades and other downloads and drivers to get a
> working system. Each install also took a lot of time because of having
> to reboot over and over. And then you have to install all that other
> software like Office and stuff. Is this still true?
> Last install of Kubuntu took putting the disk in and answering a few
> questions as it booted and installed. Very fast and painless.

Well, lets see. A couple weeks ago when I installed Feisty on my laptop 
the first thing I did was force an update. Must have been seventy or 
eighty downloads. Then another batch to get the accessories, DVD 
support, Music support, video players, and other software I wanted 
installed. Say another twenty or so. I did the install late in the 
evening so I went to bed during the update process. I did the installs 
the next day. Figure a possible total of two to three hours time spent 
on the install. Yup! FAST and painless.

Then another eight hours or so mucking about with the WIFI getting it to 

Don't get me wrong. I knew what I was getting into when I started the 
install. In fact I'm pleasantly surprised it only took about eight hours 
to get the WIFI working. From the horror stories I've read I was 
prepared for a lot more effort. I'm VERY happy with the install.

> Yes, I think this is true but it is also true that in many cases you
> don't need to pay MS. There are Linux based firms you could pay to do
> it for you. You can do this with Cononical starting at  $250 or with
> Vista and friends for $275.
>  (starting at $112 for the Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit
> for System Builders [DVD) (whatever all that really means?)  on
> But then you need to at least buy at least MS Office Home
> $125 and Student 2007 Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007and Norton
> Antivirus 2008 $38 ( for it right ?)).
> I wonder which would give you more help faster with your problems and
> is less of a headache? Also what features you would get with this
> version of Vista is as clear as mud to me.
> I guess one last point to be made is that back when I was young and
> running Windows, no one I knew payed for any of their software and
> from what I hear today that is still commonly true. So I guess both
> systems are free as in beer for most Joe users.
> Douglas

Why anyone would fall for Vista is beyond me.

Billie Walsh
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