Wine and the Internet

Derek Broughton news at
Thu Oct 4 15:02:32 UTC 2007

Harold Hartley wrote:

> Billie Walsh wrote:

>>> Thanks for your e-mail.  WXSpots first parses a web page (port 80) to
>>  > find the IP address of the server to connect to.  It then connects to
>>> the server's IP address on port 49153.  I hope this helps!
>> OK, now I'm a complete dummy when it comes to this port stuff. I don't
>> use a firewall on my computer [ long story ]. We do have a firewall in
>> the router. Our ISP also has some REAL firewalls in the system. In fact
>> I had some issues connecting to IRC chat and he had to do something to
>> the ports. One of the relay nodes was blocking the stream.
>> The program works fine from Windows so I'm figuring the router and
>> firewalls between me and the net are open for use.
> It sounds to me like you need to open ports to receive from the server
> as I'm sure its sending to the server just fine.
> If you run a router, then you need to go into it a open the port that is
> needed by telling it to forward it to what computer its going to and if
> its either TCP or UDP....

If that was the case, surely it wouldn't be working under Windows, either...

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