Wine and the Internet

Harold Hartley harold_hartley at
Thu Oct 4 00:45:59 UTC 2007

Macario Valle wrote:
> On Wed, 2007-10-03 at 18:58 -0400, Harold Hartley wrote:
>> Billie Walsh wrote:
>>> Probably should ask this on some other list but will start here.
>>> I'm trying out a rather esoteric piece of Windows software called 
>>> WXSpots. It seems to run just fine with Wine except for one small 
>>> detail. It needs internet access, which it doesn't seem to be able to get.
>>> Should programs running with Wine be able to access the internet through 
>>> the default Kubuntu [ Feisty ] settings?
>>> I've written to ask the author if there is any special connection needs 
>>> that I need to know.
>> Any time I have run a app in wine, it connects the internet just fine 
>> for me because the the linux box was already connected to the internet.
>> Harold
> I've notice that if my internet connection is down while I start the
> windows program, some will not try to connect after the first failure to
> do so.  Most of those are compiled with the old Visual Studio 6, be it
> VB or VC++.  I have not experienced this with other non-MS Compiler
> products, but I have not tested that many.  
But if you read the documentations more, you will find that you can add 
a .dll file for a app, but not all apps. You would have to find out what 
.dll or other files it may need in order to get an app to work in wine.

You also have the ability to use whatever windows os you may need for 
the app as well...
You will just have to figure out the configurations in wine to make 
everything work, but don't expect all the apps to work as some apps may 
need a different setup...


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