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Mauro Grauso maurograuso at
Wed Oct 3 17:42:11 UTC 2007

I'd go for xrdp

you have to "use the source Luke", because to my knowledge there's not
precompiled package for ubuntu.

the difference between rdp and vnc is that with vnc you are
controlling the physical resources of your pc (you could see your
mouse moving along the screen if you were in front of the pc), with
rdp you are connecting to the machine as a remote user, so you don't
control the X session that is attached to the screen (so your pc stays
at the login screen even when you're working with it).

You can use the debian tutorial (in german, you can use babelfish to translate):


On 10/3/07, Stew Schneider <stew.schneider at> wrote:
> Oh, man! I hate when my brain freezes and takes my Googling skills with
> it...I am a complete blank. Somebody give me a kick start.
> I did something with a Dapper installation that allowed me to connect to
> the login screen from a Windows box using tightVNC. I could then log
> into my account on the Linux box and do what was needed. At the end of
> the session, I end the session, Kubuntu logs out of KDE and waits at the
> graphic login screen for the next time. In other words, the VNCServer
> survives the X restart. Tried it today on another machine, and couldn't
> reconnect. I don't want to leave an open Kubuntu session running on a
> headless did I do this before? If I remember correctly, it
> had something to do with the init scripts, but I cannot recall what.
> In Googling for an answer, I ran into references to freeNX. Anybody got
> any comments about it?
> (an old, old man)
> stew
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