Remote desktop

Derek Broughton news at
Wed Oct 3 18:46:28 UTC 2007

Mauro Grauso wrote:

> I'd go for xrdp
> you have to "use the source Luke", because to my knowledge there's not
> precompiled package for ubuntu.
> the difference between rdp and vnc is that with vnc you are
> controlling the physical resources of your pc (you could see your
> mouse moving along the screen if you were in front of the pc), with
> rdp you are connecting to the machine as a remote user, so you don't
> control the X session that is attached to the screen (so your pc stays
> at the login screen even when you're working with it).

That's not really right.  vnc can either log you into a separate session, or
connect to an existing session.  For that matter, I think rdp can, too.

otoh, I don't know of a way to share an existing session with NX.  Sharing
would actually be my choice but all of the VNC implementations are far too
slow, imo.

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