Feeling like a 2nd class citizen

Larry Hartman larryhartman50 at vzavenue.net
Wed Nov 28 14:11:38 UTC 2007

On Tuesday 27 November 2007 11:46:13 pm Donn wrote:
> > My point is that there is no need to run Firefox on wine in Linux.
> Too true -- all you get out the other end is Drunkfox.
> \d

Just want to throw this thought out here.....my wife goes to college and many 
of her courses require web access to Pearson's Course Compass.  Course 
Compass uses Shockwave.  Shockwave is not available to Linux.  I have 
contacted both the Shockwave folks and Course Compass folks for increased 
compatibility.  Sometimes you need a 20-ton dump truck to move a penny.   I 
don't own such equipment.

However, this Shockwave thingie and Coourse Compass is what is holding me up 
in moving my wife's laptop to Kubuntu.  The only solution I know of at my 
immediate disposal is Firefox in WINE with the Shockwave plugin.  If you two 
folk (or anyone else) know a better solution to this issue I am sure a bunch 
of us would like to know.


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