skype on kubuntu?

Knapp magick.crow at
Sat Nov 24 12:00:17 UTC 2007

On Nov 24, 2007 11:30 AM, Terence Simpson <stdin at> wrote:

> Knapp wrote:
> > Yes, and if you want to know more look back at this list. I have and
> many
> > others have been using Automatix for years without problems. Not that I
> am
> > saying to use it if you have a better way.
> > Douglas
> >
> >
> Sorry, but it really doesn't matter if it works for you and many others.
> It is NOT supported at all. If you use it and it breaks then there's
> nothing anyone can do, get out your installation CD and start again.
> Just because you're OK with taking that risk doesn't mean it's OK to
> tell others to do so. "Use at your own risk" mean you can risk it
> yourself, but don't risk others systems.
> Terence

Really all GPL software is used at your own risk and unsupported unless you
go to some company and buy support. That said, this list provides support as
would the automatix list. So it is supported.
Not giving advice because you feel that it is not as good as some other
advice servers no one. Giving advice with the pros and cons is much better
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