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Sylviane et Perry White spwhite at freesurf.ch
Fri Nov 23 19:03:14 UTC 2007

On Friday 23 November 2007 12:32, Michael Bach (gmx) wrote:
> Donn wrote:
> >> am able to log on legibly in fail safe mode in konsole.  Can anyone give
> >> me instructions on how to either fix my monitor display or copy the
> >> files that I need onto a USB memory stick?  Many Thanks.
> >
First try to fix up your display as Donn and Michael suggested.

*If that fails:*
The command to copy files and folders is "cp"  
Try man cp to look up the syntax.
Press space bar for next page.
Type "q" to quit the man program and return to the shell.
Tip: you have to solve the other problems first.

Then the problem is to find where your files or the folder that contains them 
You can navigate in the directory tree with the command "cd"
Try man cd to look up the syntax.		(cd ..) to go up
You can inspect the content of a dir with the command "ls"
Try man ls to look up the syntax.

Last problem is to find where the USB stick is mounted (probably 
under /media), so first insert it,then type "ls /media and and try to 
recognise the name of your USB stick. ("cd" into that and check that you 
recognise what is already on the stick)

Now you may want to create a new folder on the stick for your "salvaged files"
Use the command "mkdir"   (man mkdir   ;-)		)
"cd" into that new directory and issue the "cp" command from there with a 
command that would look somewhat similar to
(shell_prompt>)cp -r /home/whiper/Documents/Matthieu/autom4te.cache/ .	or
(shell_prompt>) cp /home/whiper/Documents/Matthieu/autom4te.cache/* ./
(what follows the "cp" is the path to the directory you want to save the 
content of, the "*" means all the files and the ./ means in the current 
directory (USB stick)

Ouch, I understand why Donn and Michael gave the short answer.	;-)
Although my way is very basic it is a big chunk to swallow in one meal for a 

Good luck		Perry

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