Why can't connect to public wifi? Why only 1 wifi net profile

Florida Flasher flaflashr at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 23 07:26:22 UTC 2007

I am running Kubuntu Gutsy Gibbon 7.10 on a Dell Latitude with its
internal Wifi card.  Using Network Settings - System Settings, I have it
configured at home for my Wifi A/P with the ESSID set and the WEP key
set.  This works fine everytime.

The problem is when I go to a place that has an open access network,
such as my computer club, or the hospital, etc.  It will NOT connect to
the open A/P at these locations.  Even if I change the configuration to
the different ESSID, and remove the WEP key, it will still not connect.

1)  Why will it not connect?

This is really a pain, since I have to re-enter the hex key when I
return home.  It seems like there should be a way to keep two
configuration profiles, perhaps using the Network Profiles tab, but when
I then go to the Network Interfaces tab, there is only one.

2)  Why can I not have more than 1 Network Interface associated with
different Network Profiles?


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