how to move ntfs partition?

David McGlone d.mcglone at
Wed Nov 21 11:52:19 UTC 2007

On Tuesday 20 November 2007 11:46:04 pm Alexander Smirnov wrote:
> here is my actual picture:
> [ swap ] [ blank partition ] [----------190 GB ntfs-----------]
> <---2Gb--> <---------40Gb--------> <-------140Gb------->|<---50Gb--->
> I did not understand how to merge 2 ntfs partitions. Do you mean i
> should create new ntfs partition on the place there 'blank' is located
> now and then copy files from 'old' partition to 'new' one?

No. find a good partitioning tool that allows you to do everything.

here is a suggestion. Does your ntfs drive have windows on it?

I used to use partition magic years ago.

> I don't think 
> that's possible taking into account i have 140Gb of data on my 'old'
> partition and 'new' would be just 40Gb :-(

People are beginning to notice you.  Try dressing before you leave the house.

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