Gutsy won't recognise a blank DVD

Nigel Ridley nigel at
Sun Nov 18 06:07:42 UTC 2007

Ronnie Tucker wrote:
> I burned a DVD this morning yet this afternoon, done no changes to the 
> system, Kubuntu won't recognise a blank DVD. I put in a blank and it 
> shows me the yellow disc icon on the desktop (no usual window saying 
> 'what would you like to do with this?') and when I click it Dolphin 
> reports (at the bottom of an empty window) the error:
> Could not start process Unable to create io-slave:
> klauncher said: Unknown protocol ".
> .
> Even in K3B the disc is not recognised as being valid. Although the 
> system can still recognise and play previously burned DVD's no problem.
> *sob*
> Beginning to think my Gutsy install is falling apart at the seams   :(

I had a similar problem lately - it was the DVD burner! It would read OK 
but the burner part was not working properly so got the same problems as 
I bought a new one (really cheap nowadays) and no problems since \0/



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