fiesty sound problem

Donn donn.ingle at
Sun Nov 18 05:41:22 UTC 2007

> I did as you suggested and found the mixer controls and the specific
> controls for the SB card.  I tried various applications and no sound.  I
> did get the video.  Only one application complained (kaffine stated "cant
> bind socket" ) but then invoked and played the video without sound.

The other thing to try (and this took me a while, I can tell you) is to *right 
click* the kmix speaker icon and choose "select master channel" and then 

You can also open a konsole and run alsamixer - a text/gui thing that lets you 
muck about with all those channels. 

It's a matter (assuming all else is plugged in to the motherboard properly) of 
finding whre Kubu thinks your sound is coming from.


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