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Sat Nov 17 21:59:08 GMT 2007

On Nov 17, 2007 1:53 PM, Paul Lemmons <paul at> wrote:

> uriah heep wrote:
> > I am getting 0 sound.  I have sb audolagy platinum sound card. in
> > simple neub language would someone please tell me how to get to the
> > sound controls?
> 1) Start an application that produces sound
> 2) Look for the blue "speaker" in the status area at the bottom right of
> your screen.
> 3) Left-Click once on it
> 4) Click on "Mixer"
> 5) Turn on the "light" at the top of each bar and raise the volume on
> each bar one at a time until you get sound.
> 6) Turn off those bars that had no positive effect
> 7) If none of them cause any sound click on the "switches" tab and make
> sure that external amplifier is turned on.
> If all of that fails, re-post and we can dig deeper.
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I did as you suggested and found the mixer controls and the specific
controls for the SB card.  I tried various applications and no sound.  I did
get the video.  Only one application complained (kaffine stated "cant bind
socket" ) but then invoked and played the video without sound.
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