Email Client

Paul Lemmons paul at
Fri Nov 16 02:41:36 UTC 2007

Tipton, Timothy wrote:
>> Kontact (KMail is hidden inside it).
> Ahhhhhhhhh - I was unaware of this; I _know_ I have Kontact, just didn't
> know Kmail was inside.
> Thank you very much, I'll check it out.
> Also, in the same spirit of email -> is Kmail a good/nice alternative to
> say... Thunderbird or Evolution? What are your thoughts about it?
> Thanks!
> Tim
kmail is OK but Tbird is better IMHO. Until kmail can reply in the same 
format that a message was received in, it will be unusable for me. I use 
email in a corporate environment and HTML based email is a de facto 
standard. I can create HTML based email in kmail but I can not reply to 
or forward an HTML formatted message and have it retain the formatting.

Tbird does this without blinking. I think kmail will eventually mature 
and be able to do this but for now. It is not the client for me. If you 
hate HTML mail, though, and have the option to avoid it, kmail is a 
good, solid product.

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