Blocking updates of Kernel

Derek Broughton news at
Mon Nov 12 15:36:19 UTC 2007

Thilo Six wrote:

> Jim wrote the following on 09.11.2007 02:02
>> Kubuntu-7.10
>> How do I prevent kernel from updating, during updates ?
> Why want someone to block security related fixes to apply to the system?

Because kernel updates (a) rarely have serious security related fixes (iirc,
fewer than one kernel update/month in feisty - and how many of those were
serious?); and (b) are the only updates that really interfere with my
uptime.  I _do_ update my kernel whenever a new one comes along, but it
routinely bollixes my hibernate/resume - because I keep forgetting the new
kernel will be the default on resume.  There's a potential (c) for those
who've compiled their own kernels, because it will replace their custom

That said, there _is_ a reason for updates, and you should think twice about
preventing them...

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