Photoshop was Vmware/WinXP on Kubuntu 7.10

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Thu Nov 8 23:31:22 UTC 2007

Tipton, Timothy wrote:
>> But what's wrong with The GIMP plus GIMPshop?  The two together
> arrange
>> the GIMP menus so they are familiar to Photoshop users.  I use them
>> regularly to import tutorials on Photoshop from the photographic
>> magazine to which I subscribe here in the UK.... You know, those that
>> are supplied on disk.  So I'm guessing that The GIMP with GIMPshop are
>> pretty much compatible with Photoshop.
> So you install gimpshop on top of The GIMP? I always thought it was a
> standalone version of GIMP - I have never had much luck getting it to
> work correctly. 
> To be honest, I really like GIMP - I just don't know it very well, and
> after using PS for the last 10 years, I can whip out what I need in PS
> in about 1/4 of the time it takes me to do minimal work in GIMP.
I mentioned Automatix2 earlier.  I went and looked and something is 
offered that would allow you to use Office and Photoshop; it is free for 
a month then sold at a very low cost.  You might look into it.  Jusy 
Google *Automatix2*.  Steven

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