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As a new person you might like to look into installing all the extra stuff
for reading all types of media and also java. I would help more but I am a
bad ubuntu user and just use automatix to do it for me. BTW still yet to
have a problem with this. The upgrade to gutsy went well.
So, I will leave it up to others to help you will all that.

On Nov 7, 2007 2:35 PM, Scott <slewin at> wrote:

> Donn wrote:
> >> Firefox is not the standard on Kubuntu, only Ubuntu.  Konqueror is the
> >> standard web browser for Kubuntu.
> > Oops. Sorry to steer the OP wrong. I've been on Dapper for ages and I
> forget
> > all the stuff it came/didn't come with.
> I would not worry about it, Firefox should be the default :)  It is nice
> that a couple years ago I was a newby and now I get to help others :)
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