Issues with upgrade to gutsy

Derek Broughton news at
Mon Nov 5 18:24:22 UTC 2007

marc wrote:

> I have a number of issues after upgrading from Feisty to Gutsy.
> 1. Cannot drag and drop file from the desktop onto an editor. I can drag
>    from a file manager, but not from the desktop. The cursor turns red
>    when I try, and action won't be performed.

I can't duplicate that.  I just dragged a .py file from my desktop into an
open Kate.
> 2. Editors launched from a file manager with root privileges no longer
>    have root permissions.


Unfortunately, I think this is considered a feature.  There are some
work-arounds given in the bug report.

> 3. If I have apps open with kdesudo privs, log out, then log back in,
>    the kdesudo apps open with root privileges without being prompted
>    for a password.

Haven't seen that (yet).  Old behaviour, ime, was to restart app at
the "kdesu" prompt - and would open with root privilege _after_ you gave
your password; which seems correct.  However, note that kdesudo is supposed
to work _like sudo_.  That means that, by default, it remembers your
password for 15 minutes - so if you log out and right back in, it should
probably open right away.

>    In addition, a dialogue opens stating:
>      Information - kdesudo
>      No command arguments supplied:
>      Usage...
>      kdesudo will now exit...
>    Requiring a click on an okay button to continue.

So, sounds like it _is_ trying to do the same thing, but not correctly.

> 4. The kdm screen displays the kde wallpaper and dialogue - which are
>    horrible. Attempts at retrieving my feisty settings do nothing;
>    namely, overwriting:
>      /etc/kde3/kdm/backgroundrc and
>      /etc/kde3/kdm/kdmrc

I know for a fact that kdmrc won't be replaced by an aptitude install or
upgrade without a prompt.  If you upgraded solely with the adept upgrade
manager, and it didn't give those prompts, file a bug.  I decided to let
aptitude replace mine just to see what the new default looked like (I like
it), which is how I know it prompted.

Your old ones _should_ be stored in the kdm directory as kdmrc.dpkg-old
>    I also noticed that the "upgraded" version of kdmrc is the very old
>    version without comments - badger of before?

iirc, it never has comments once it's been configured in "System Settings",
but mine (from the upgrade) certainly has comments.
> 5. Print screen no longer works. Hitting the PrtSc button does nothing,

Never used it, but I would expect that to be a command shortcut to
something - so probably related to the next...

> 6. I lost all my kdemenu key bindings with the upgrade.
That would be annoying.

> 7. Some desktop icons occasionally go out of alignment. This can be
>    tidied with a refresh desktop or nudging any icon, but it's a bit
>    naff.

No idea.
> 8. I clicked the "strigi" icon in kdemenu - no idea what it is, but I
>    thought I'd investigate. However, all it seems to do is attempt to
>    launch firefox, then present an alert saying:

LOL.  In my case, it opens Quanta - which suggests to me that it's just an
XML file, and nothing knows what to do with it.  Quite the waste of effort
if you ask me.

I'm afraid I really don't think there's anything you can do to "fix" these
things, except #4.  They are either bugs or intentional features.  They may
get fixed at some later point, but you'll still end up manually redoing
things like key bindings.

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