Problems With Sound

Graham grahamtodd2 at
Mon Nov 5 09:17:39 UTC 2007

I am running Gutsy and I have a problem with obtaining any sound.

When the current box I am using was a WinXP machine I stopped getting
sound through the headphones.  Looking inside I think there is a loose
connection.  My wife had good things to say about the Creative Labs
Soundblaster MP3+ (Model S80270), so I thought I'd try it.

Its a little box which resides externally to the computer and plugs in
to the usb port.  A picture is here:

When plugged in I can hear clicks and pops as something is working, but
no music - not even the welcome tone.  I have rebooted with the audi
box installed and got KMix to show it, selected that but no sound.

I get sound through the earphones on my Mac iBook, so the earphones are
not at fault, and I've tried a variety of earphones to see if there's
any compatibility problems. With all of them there is no sound on the
Kubuntu box, but sound on other things.

I presume its a driver problem but I can find nowhere to go to.  Any
help would be appreciated!


Graham Todd

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