HELP: Unable to login to computer??

manchicken manchicken at
Mon May 28 16:01:04 BST 2007

On Monday 28 May 2007 09:54:36 Jonathan Jesse wrote:
> Good morning,
> Slighlty panicing here.  This morning adept notified me there was an
> update to the kernel, kernel tools, vmware and vmware tools packages.  So
> did the update.  However my laptop locked up and I restarted.  Now when I
> go to turn on my computer everything appears to boot normally but when I
> sign in, the computer screen goes blank for a bit and then returns to the
> login prompt.
> I tried booting into the previous kernel, by selecting it in grub, but the
> same thing happens, also have tried reconfiguring X as I thought something
> got screwed up there, but no joy in solving the problem.
> Please help, I can login via the terminal login, but not through failsafe
> seession.  Any thoughts?
> --
> Jonathan Jesse

If you're using a binary driver you may want to try reinstalling your binary 

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