clean install of Kubuntu

Matthew Flaschen matthew.flaschen at
Thu May 24 06:14:43 BST 2007

anthony baldwin wrote:
>> I'm not talking about backing up, but rather making a separate partition
>> so the folder won't be erased at all during reinstalls.
>> Matt Flaschen

> Of course, just because it makes so much sense, I never would have 
> thought of it on my own...

I can't take credit either.  It's been floating around, but doesn't seem
all that popular (relatively)

> But, here again, would it not be useful to have a /home directory
> containing all the config stuff that gets updated with a new install,
> and, a second /home just for all of my data, photos, music, docs, etc 
> (like /myhome, or /home2 or something)

Yeah, that's an option.  In fact, my /home/ actually used to be /data ,
back when it was a FAT32 partition I was using to share data between
Windows and Ubuntu.  But now I'm done with Windows, and /home is an ext2

The advantage there is that you can keep the data but not the settings.
 Of course, there's also just the option of manually erasing whatever
settings you want to discard (whenever that is).

> You´ll have to forgive me for appearing ignorant.
> First of all, I´m a linguist, and amateurish at best in respect to these 
> matters.

Not at all.  That's a valid concern.

> I´m trying to wrap my already over-taxed brain around these concepts.
> I´m up way past my bedtime, working, and, earlier tonight I was 
> translating a French contract to English, and assisting my wife with an 
> English to Spanish translation (which I am now correcting),
> during which we conversed in Portuguese (since that is her native 
> languge, being Brazilian),

It really is impressive that you're fluent in so many languages.


Matt Flaschen

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