DHCP name announcement

Phil Bieber philbieber at gmail.com
Fri May 18 10:11:02 BST 2007

Hi list!

I am having a little trouble with the hostname announcements of my
KUbuntu boxes on my net.
Here's the setup:
1 Win XP PC - Wired LAN -> hostname -> Bieber
1 KUbuntu Feisty Laptop - WLAN (with several virtual mashines) ->
hostname: hekate
1 KUbuntu Dapper Live CD Laptop - Wired LAN
and sometimes other Windows XP Laptops, wired and wireless LAN.
+ a WiFi ADSL router (acting as gateway and DHCP Server, and usually
as a DNS server, I think)

When I try to ping the XP PC from any computer, it works flawlessly,
but trying to ping the KUbuntu boxes with their hostnames, it doesn't
work. Pinging with IPs works as well. Everything else
(networking-wise) works perfectly. Also, you can find a screenshot of
the router's web interface here [1].
In the lower half one can see a green dot with a " - " next to it.
This is my laptop (hekate). The hakate found in the upper half is my
laptop booting windows. As one can see, in windows it announces itself
to the network. Those IPs in the upper half with no names next to them
are VMs I tried (all Linux, ore something similar).
Entering hostname in a terminal returns the expected "hekate". Also,
the hostname is entered in the System Settings Networking Section.

I have the same problem with a server at work running Ubuntu LTS.

If anyone can give me a hint, I'd be real thankful!

Thank you for reading!
Philipp Bieber

[1] http://rapidshare.com/files/31959155/fritzbox.png.html
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Wer überwacht die Wächter?
Who will watch the watchers?

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