KDEInit can't launch '/home/...'

Wolfgang Schuch w.schuch at ing-acotec.es
Fri May 18 09:20:27 BST 2007

On Friday 18 May 2007 02:46:58 Andy Goss wrote:
> On Friday 18 May 2007 02:54, Wolfgang Schuch <w.schuch at ing-acotec.es> wrote:
> > I'm working with kubuntu 7.04.
> > Up to now it was working fine.
> >
> > Suddenly I can't go to my KDE files. When I click on them, there come up
> > messages like "KDEInit can't  launch '/home' or can't launch '/home/...'
> > or can't launch '/media/disk/'. When I click on the trash on the task
> > bar, the message says: "incorrect URL trash".
> >
> > What still is working fine is the Konqueror for internet and the Kontakt
> > with the KMail.
> >
> > I tried to start in the recovery mode, but when the moment came to
> > introduce the root password, it answers "command not found".
> >
> > Could somebody tell me please, what I should do now?
> It may be that your Konqueror profile for file management has become
> corrupted. Under the Settings menu you should find "Load view profile", see
> if you have something like Midnight Commander and try that. Does it work as
> root? "kdesu konqueror" from the "run command" menu entry. You should also
> be able to use the web browser profile to access the file system. Try
> navigating your file system using the File System Browser in Kate, if that
> works then it looks like a Konqueror problem. Tell us how you get on and
> someone may spot the problem. It is best to give actual error messages, not
> "like", as they often give a clue as to what is wrong.

Thank you for your advises, Andy.

I went to konqueror, settings, 'administrador de archivos' (I guess 'file 
management') and found all the lists of folders. But trying to open one of 
them, the same message appeared again: KDEInit can't launch ...

Then I went to the main K-menu, to 'buscar archivos/carpetas' (search 
folders/files) and searching in a folder e.g. *.ps, I found all the 
documents, but I only can 'save as' them. But if I do, then I again can't 
open the folder where I had put them ...

Is there may be a solution through the 'recovery mode' version (since there my 
password as root doesn't work, using the kdesu konqueror or similar)? (In the 
normal full version my root passord works)


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