Is this in html?

Lee Eschen ashgrove at
Mon May 14 23:50:21 BST 2007

Derek, you seem to be a knowledgable chap.  I have never used either 
Outlook or Outlook Express so I am ignorant of its options.  Is it 
possible to turn off automatic quoting altogether in either of them like 
you can do in Thunderbird, or even in Netscape before it.  I believe 
Opera allows this option as well.

This seems to me to be the most appropriate way to ensure that neither 
top-posting nor bottom-posting are inevitable.  This way, one can 
copy/paste the individual part(s) of a post that one is actually 
responding to.


Lee Eschen, Ashgrove Visual Arts

"First is the sheer joy of making things.  As the child delights in his mud pie, 
so the adult enjoys building things, especially things of his own design." -Frederick P Brooks

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