Digikam & Beagle (Kerry) don't get along in Feisty

Wafa Hakim Orman wafa at email.arizona.edu
Mon May 14 19:49:27 BST 2007


Is this just me, or has someone else noticed this problem too -- on 
Feisty, when Beagle (Kerry) is running (just in the system tray), 
Digikam becomes unusable? Meaning, it freezes up while downloading 
pictures from a camera & freezes up the entire system with it, to a 
point where the only solution is to turn off the power & turn it back on 
-- nothing else works.

After quitting Beagle/Kerry, Digikam is slower than it was in Edgy but 
at least works fine.

Is it just me, i.e. is there a configuration I need to fix, or is this a 
bug worth reporting?

Thanks in advance,


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