Top-posting, HTML-formatted mail, flaming, shouting and so on, was Re: KUBUNTU

Dax Solomon Umaming knightlust at
Mon May 14 08:21:36 BST 2007

On Monday, May 14, 2007 1:50:23 pm FX Fraipont wrote:
> Clay Weber wrote:

> > So why can't the correct guidelines be asked for in a much friendlier
> > manner?

> One of the pleasures of reading this list was that endless debates about
> THE acceptable way of posting to a list were mercifully absent.

I agree. People email here because they need help with their system. And it 
doesn't matter how they send it. HTML and Top-posting may be unacceptable to 
some, but it doesn't matter to everyone else. The "Proper way on how to send 
emails to a list" is lacking since people here are more intent on helping 
others. And to us, that's more important.

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