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Tue May 8 20:26:54 BST 2007

On 07/05/07, Chris Maaskant <gch2 at> wrote:
> Rashid ul Islam schreef:
> > If I recall correctly...I think I had a similar experience with
> > SuSE...never tried Debian though.
> Well with suse nowadays what might happen is that the menus get a little
> clutterd, but both desktops look and feel OK.
> >
> > I don't understand...what does debian do to keep both environments
> clean,
> > that Ubuntu doesn't?
> It's what debian doesn't do that makes the differents.
> Debian keeps kde and gnome as they are, no or little modifications are
> applied.
> The *buntu distro's i think have a filosofie that a users only wants to
> use
> 1 desktop enviroment.
> It is all gnome or all kde.
> But when in debian if your running kde and decide to install gnome, that
> is
> all that will happen, gnome gets installed.
> Debian doesn't assume that because you've installed gnome you also want
> all
> your stuff handled by gnome apps.
> It just installs gnome as a extra desktop enviroment.
> Drawback from that method is that you'll have a less polished desktop.
> But you can have your polished desktop, it just takes some effort from
> you.
> So debian is less newbie friendly in this matter.
> And that is what the *buntu distro's are all about, being newbie friendly.
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> Chris Maaskant.
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Hmm...interesting. Thanks for the explanation.

Personally, whenever I install either, I don't like how the devs have
"polished" it and put my own effort in and get it how I I guess
for me *buntu's attitude isn't great.

I wish the artwork and "polish" teams would concentrate on things I really
consider polish (like dazzling new artwork) and real polish (the restricted
drivers manager is a good "piece" of polish imo) instead of crap like
Kubuntu's default Konqueror profiles (which I get rid of ASAP) and System
Settings ...

OK rant over :P

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